• IMS BAUHAUS® Degree "Archineer®" online course

    3 February 2021

    IMS BAUHAUS® Degree "Archineer®" online course

    Since 2006, the institute has been carried out several programmes in Membrane Structures.  Well known is the unique Master and Archineer programme, which was taking place at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau-Rosslau. More than 350 architects and engineers have been trained so far in this special field of construction. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Robert Off participants learned to design, calculate, detail, build and maintain lightweight textile structures.

    Training conditions around the world have changed rapidly since the pandemic. Therefore, they have decided to adapt to the situation and offer their courses online from now on. This will allow people all over the world to easily participate in their programs and learn how to master membrane and lightweight structures!

    Course duration: March 26 - October 30, 2021

    Registration deadline: March 13, 2021

    All further information about this new programme can be found on their website.



  • TensiNewsflash January 2021

    14 January 2021

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    Topics: 2021! & Call for contributions TensiNews 40.


  • AZURE Magazine’s international architecture and design competition – the AZ Awards – is now open for submissions

    6 January 2021

    AZ-awards 2021 submission details


  • TensiNewsflash November 2020

    20 November 2020

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    Topics: Call for contributions TensiNews 40, news from the Working Groups, First TensiNet General Assembly during Techtextil and TensiNet Symposium 2022.


  • TensiNews - Newsletter Nr. 39 - September 2020

    16 September 2020

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  • Call - IASS Surrey 2021 Expo - IASS Working Group 21 “Advanced manufacturing and materials”

    22 July 2020

    IASS Surrey 2021 Expo

    Competition and exhibition of innovative lightweight structures: An invitation for artists, designers, engineers, and researchers. Organized by the new IASS Working Group 21 “Advanced manufacturing and materials” in close cooperation with the IASS Symposium 2021 and the 7th international conference on Spatial Structures in Surrey.

    61 years of IASS and the 3rd WG21 Expo
    After the success of the 2015 IASS expo in Amsterdam and the 2019 expo in Barcelona, WG21 is organising a new exhibition to celebrate this success during the annual international symposium of the IASS and the 7th international conference on Spatial Structures. The expo, symposium and conference will take place in Surrey from 23 to 27th August 2021.


    The deadline for entries is January 31st, 2021.

    See link for more information https://www.jjo33.com/surrey2021


  • TensiNewsflash June 2020 - BIS

    18 June 2020

    Please find the latest TensiNewsflash june 2020 - bis

    Topics: TensiNet membership invoices (extra information for payment abroad SEPA), Advanced Building Skins 2020 (reduced fee for TensiNet members, opportunity to sponsor or have a booth), Textile Roofs 2020 (new date) and Call for contributions TensiNews 39.


  • TensiNewsflash June 2020

    3 June 2020

    Please find the latest Tensinewsflash June 2020 

    Topics: Call for contributions TensiNews 39, Call for promoting Lightweight Textile Architecture and new date for Textile Roofs 2020.


  • CALL for contributions TensiNews 39

    3 June 2020

    We invite our TensiNet members to submit for the next TensiNews issue an article, project description, upcoming event, new development, research report or book review.

    Send your contribution to evi.corne@vub.be.

    Deadline Friday 3th July 2020


  • TensiNet Partner Mehler Texnologies® joining Freudenberg Group

    3 June 2020

    Mehler TF400 with Facid frames Cincinatti4

    Textiles to Transform – that is what Mehler Texnologies® has been doing since 1837. A new transformation process has just begun: Mehler Texnologies® is joining the Freudenberg Group with the latter’s acquisition of the Low & Bonar Group.

    The Freudenberg Group is a German privately held diversified group of companies with a strong tradition in textiles. Carl Johann Freudenberg founded his company in Weinheim in 1849. Less than 200 kilometers away and around the same time, Valentin Mehler opened his weaving mill in Fulda.

    Mehler Texnologies® coated technical textiles will enhance Freudenberg’s ample portfolio with complementary products. With the group’s strong financial backing and large R&D commitments, Mehler Texnologies® will gain further strength and looks forward to “Innovating Together” in close collaboration with customers, business partners and the world of science.

    Mehler Texnologies® world-renowned brands VALMEX®, POLYMAR®, AIRTEX® and PLASTEL® will continue to stand for high performance coated textiles transformable into stadium roofs, truck tarpaulins, industrial covers, sun protection, tents, pool covers, boats, flexible containers, building façades and other countless applications. At the same time, Mehler Texnologies® team will continue to provide the same high level of service and commitment to customers: transforming the customers’ needs into coated fabrics, innovating according to future demand and supplying high quality products “Made in Germany”.

    For further information please visit www.mehler-texnologies.com , www.freudenberg-pm.com , www.freudenberg.com