Information for designing and applying Tensile Surface Structures:

From Frei Otto: using soap films

From Maria Blaisse: 

From  Fibrenamics: Hybrid tower

On building with ETFE: 

On design opportunities (Carl Stahl ARC GmbH):

Pneumatic structures: Installation by Marcel Wanders - Eurasian Garden at OITA (2015):


Up-and-coming generation: The student competition “Textile Structures for New Building” is organised every two years within the framework of the Techtextil trade fair. On the one hand, this contest stimulates students to work in an innovative way with textiles and design textile buildings, and on the other hand, offers the up-and-coming generation to compete at an international level. The student competition runs in a successful and professional manner since several years. The TensiNet Association is a dedicated sponsor. See



  • European Design Guide for Tensile Structures - Chapter 2 - Engineering Fabric Architecture
    Fabric structures provide widespan enclosures of great spatial interest and variety, requireminimal supporting elements of “hard” structure and provide very good overall levels of nat-ural daylight. The purpose of this chapter is to outline the nature and characteristics of thisstructural type and to describe the primary issues that designers deal with and makedecisions about.