The aim of TensiNet is to enable its members to contribute more effectively, within the scope of their activities, to   

   • Provide information and advice in the field of tensile membrane buildings; 

   • Inform about research and other technical studies necessary to support such advice; 

   • Inform about the application of research findings; 

   • Improve the quality of tensile membrane buildings; 

   • Increase the range of architectural applications;

   • Get scientific results into practice and 

   • Stimulate research initiatives.  

Members of TensiNet subscribe a code of Good Practice, encourage and facilitate exchange of information and joint working, in order to increase the quality of tensile architecture. 



TensiNet is an association or platform for all parties interested in tensioned membrane structures. 

TensiNet supports teaching and training activities in the field of tensioned membrane construction. TensiNet can support a workshop organised by one of its members (by announcement, programme, mailing) and provides information about events.

TensiNet disseminates information about ongoing research.

TensiNet publishes the TensiNews newsletter twice a year. TensiNet organises every three year the TensiNet Symposium

The TensiNet partners are the editors of the European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures. TensiNet continues to publish reference documents, Working Group publications and the proceedings of the TensiNet symposium.  

TensiNet has launched several Working Groups. Each Working Group focuses on a specific topic and is responsible for its operation. 

TensiNet maintains the website, containing a projects database, reference documents, research reports etc.



The Annual General Meeting is organised once a year in autumn.

Partners may participate in the Management Board Meetings (twice a year) and decide on organisational and strategic issues. Associate Partners are elected by the Management Board Meetings (Universities, schools or working group leaders). 

Partners and Associate Partners have equal voting rights.

The Executive Secretary of Tensinet is currently held by the Marijke Mollaert and Evi Corne (Vrije Universteit Brussel).

The Management Board is elected by the Board members (with a maximum of 35 voting Board members).

TensiNet has national representatives. They are elected during the Annual General Meeting.

TensiNet discusses specific issues and prepares state of the art documents in the appropriate Working Groups:

   • WG analysis & materials

   • WG ETFE


   • WG LCA

   • WG Pneumatic structures

   • WG Specifications & EUROCODE

   • WG Specifications GOOD PRACTICE