Cost Action TU 1303 Structural Skins

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Many of the TensiNet Members were involved in the COST ACTION TU 1303 NOVEL STRUCTURAL SKINS.

By facilitating networking between partners and encouraging researcher mobility, this COST Action aims to harmonize the research on membrane and foil structural skins, to standardise testing and analysis approaches within Europe, and to stimulate and deliver innovation and development of new and energy efficient structural skin products and applications in the urban environment. The COST Action does not fund research itself, but provides support for networking activities, such as meetings, short-term scientific missions, training schools, etc.

Five Strategic Research Clusters (SRC) are considered, each managed by the corresponding Working Group (WG).

WG 1 - new applications of structural skins and new concepts

WG 2 - sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis of structural skins

WG 3 - building physics and energy performance of structural skins

WG 4 - materials and analysis

WG 5 - from material to structure and limit states: codes and standardisation


End of the Action

This COST Action was a four-year project funded by the  European framework COST and has officially ended on November 4th 2017. The final meeting was held on October 17th 2017 in Brussels. All Working Group leaders are now working hard to finish the last deliverables. After the end of this Action, all documentation will be made public through a dedicated dissemination webpage. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, we would like to thank all members of this Action for their valuable contributions! Many thanks!