Tensinet Symposia

The TensiNet Symposium 2019 “Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovations in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures” will be held at POLIMI from 3th until 5th June 2019. More info on www.tensinet2019.polimi.it

The TensiNet - COST Action TU1303 Symposium 2016 on Novel structural skins (26-28 OCTOBER 2016) has been a very interesting and successful edition. The symposium was organised by the TensiNet Association, COST Action TU1303 Novel Structural Skins and Newcastle University as hosting university.

The publisher of the symposium 2016 proceedings is Elsevier. The proceedings is published in an online issue of Procedia Engineering on www.ScienceDirect.com and is freely accessible in perpetuity to a worldwide audience. Use the link to have access to the 54 articles written for and presented at the symposium: www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18777058/155/supp/C

The symposium was the fifth of a series that began in Brussels in 2003: Designing Tensile Architecture, and continued in Milano in 2007: Ephemeral Architecture: Time and Textiles, Sofia in 2010: Tensile Architecture: Connecting Past and Future, and in Istanbul in 2013: [RE]THINKING Lightweight Structures.
The theme of the COST Action TU1303 (2014-2017) is Novel structural skins - Improving sustainability and efficiency through new structural textile materials and designs 
and will also be the leading theme of the upcoming Symposium.

You can order the proceedings of the previous symposia. 


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