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TENSINET SYMPOSIUM 2019 - CALL FOR EXHIBITING / POSTERS (New deadline 3th  December) & PROTOTYPES (deadline 31 January)

Participate in the INTENSION exhibition to share your achievement and provide more visibility for your project, as well as pave the way for a widespread use of innovative technologies within the field of architecture, design and engineering, and especially tensile construction.

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  • Code of Conduct
    TensiNet WG Good Practice - Code of Conduct TENSINET wants to ensure, that members committing to the code of conduct offer exclusively products and services on the market which fulfill the quality ordered by the client and which meet the applicable norms, standards and laws. In addition, they agree to take into account the state of the art (technology) and provide the highest possible quality. Every member should be aware of his individual responsibility for the quality of the own work. The delivery of quality serves to avoid errors and deficiencies, to ensure the satisfaction of the customer and finally the trust in structures with membrane materials. This does not only serve the respective company, but also the sustained growth and well-being of the membrane construction market. This is a major goal of TENSINET formulated in the Memorandum of Understanding.
    ROUND ROBIN EXERCISE 4 - update Reliability analysis of a simple membrane structure: a hyperbolic paraboloid The fourth Round Robin Exercise is launched by the TensiNet Working Group Specifications and WG5 of the COST Action TU1303 Novel Structural skins. The exercise is set up to evaluate the different methods used to obtain the reliability index and to collate the different reliability indexes for a simple tensioned hypar structure. In the document you will find the details of the exercise (dimensions, pretension, material properties, etc.). Return your results by emailing to
    ROUND ROBIN EXERCISE 3: COLLATING WIND TUNNEL DATA FOR THE BASIC SHAPES OF TENSIONED SURFACE STRUCTURES The third Round Robin Exercise is launched by the TensiNet Working Group Specifications and WG5 of the COST Action TU1303 Novel Structural skins and aims at collating wind tunnel data for the basic shapes of tensioned surface structures. Return your results by by emailing to
    INTERPRETATION OF BIAXIAL AND SHEAR TEST DATA The 'round robin' exercise II has been launched by the Tensinet Analysis and Materials Working Group. This exercise will be of interest to anyone involved in the assessment of fabric properties (biaxial and shear stiffness) for use in analysis and design. Contact Dr Ben Bridgens at if you have any questions or to register your interest in taking part.