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General information

  • Location address
  • Location country
  • Year of construction
  • Name of the client/building owner
    Cosmos Mall
  • Function of building
    Shops and stores
  • Degree of enclosure
    Fully enclosed structure
  • Climatic zone
    Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
  • Type of application of the membrane
  • Primary function of the tensile structure
    • Rain protection
    • Sun protection


A golden painted carpentry support the textile membrane built to close the roof of a mall in an original way. The cap of this textile structure is a disk made of transparent plexiglass making sunrays and light passing through. The tent covers a 20m diameter circular area. The central part is supported by a ring located at the top of apusher pole. The base of the pusher is supported by nine rod bars connected to the top of concrete columns.
The covering membrane is a single layer type with a total negative curvature, stabilised through prestress. Under the membrane layer cables are located to avoid snow pounding and safety cables guarantee stability of the pusher column.

Material of the cover

  • Cable-net/Fabric/Hybrid/Foil
  • Type (code)
    Ferrari precontraint 1302 T

Main dimensions and form

  • Covered surface (m2)

Duration of use

  • Temporary or permanent structure

Involved companies