SOFTENING THE HABITATS - Sustainable innovation in minimal mass structures and lightweight architectures.

Edited by Alessandra Zanelli, Carol Monticelli, Marijke Mollaert and Bernd Stimpfle

This publication contains 55 papers of a multi-form and multi-disciplinary kaleidoscopic set about theoretical and experimental research studies, professional jobs and industrial developments. They were selected through a complex and accurate blind review process, which was led by the TS19 scientific committee and then assigned three expert reviewers for each paper. Link E-book

Scientific Committee: Adriana Angelotti, Paolo Beccarelli, Katja Bernert, Heidrun Bögner-Balz, Andrea Campioli, Roberto Canobbio, Valter Carvelli, John Chilton, Jan Cremers, Lars De Laet, Gùˆnther Filz, Christoph Gengnagel, Peter Gosling, Sebastian Koch, Nikolai Kugel, Julian Lienhard, Josep Llorens, Claudia Marano, Marijke Mollaert (Coordinator), Carol Monticelli (Coordinator), Giorgio Novati, Arno Pronk, Andrea Ratti, Monika Rychtáriková, Franck Schoefs, Bernd Stimpfle (Coordinator), Natalie Stranghöner, Martin Tamke, Patrick Teuffel, Jean-Christophe Thomas, Jörg Uhlemann, Alessandra Zanelli (Coordinator)

Selected Papers:

Moveable membranes - smart solutions in the field of architecture

Christoph Peach (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.53)

New Hybrids

Julian Lienhard (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.50)

Lightweight and durable materials for thermal, acoustical and illuminance performance of building envelopes

Philippe Lussou (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.46)

Cable Erection of Adana Stadium Suspended Roof – Turkey

Daniela Lombardini, Alessandro Stefanucci, Emanuela Di Muro (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.49)

Teaching Membrane Architecture

Robert Roithmayr, Rainer Blum, Horst Dürr, Simon K. Chiu (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.55)

An algorithm to draw simulations of dynamic lightweight structural systems with schemas

Mesrop Andriasyan (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.52)

Pre-stressed cable truss with stiffening girder and design clearance: development and analysis

Vitalii V. Mikhailov, Andrei V. Chesnokov, Ivan V. Dolmatov (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.14)

Numerical technique for estimation of cable roof structural parameters

Andrei V. Chesnokov, Vitalii V. Mikhailov (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.12)

Pressure coefficient distributions for the design of hypar membrane roof and canopy structures

Jimmy Colliers, Marijke Mollaert, Joris Degroote, Lars De Laet (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.15)

Systems for transformative textile structures in CNC knitted fabrics – Isoropia

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Yuliya Sinke Baranovskaya, Filipa Monteiro, Julian Lienhard, Riccardo La Magna, Martin Tamke (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.08)

Bending-active frame: analysis and estimation of structural parameters

Andrei V. Chesnokov, Ivan V. Dolmatov, Vitalii V. Mikhailov (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.13)

Integration of form-finding, analysis process and production of a bending-active textile hybrid into one model

Rens Vorstermans, Jasper Van Wijk, Patrick Teuffel, Arjan Habraken, Rogier Houtman (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.33)

Lightweight structures, heavy foundations?

Ramon Sastre, Xavier Gimferrer (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.17)

Powerful Tools for Formfinding, Statics and Patterning of Pneumatic Structures

Dieter Ströbel, Jürgen Holl (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.45)

Inflatable beams subjected to axial forces

Jean-Christophe Thomas, Anh Le Van (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.32)

Atrium Roof in the New Lilienthalhaus in Brunswick, Job Report

Bernd Stimpfle, Michael Schäffer (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.09)

“Auditorium 1919 Sacmi” - Evaluation of the technological performances in the design phase of the walls and roof subsystem realized with ETFE cushions

Beniamino Di Fusco, Andrea Angeleri (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.44)

Anchoring emergency lightweight shelters

Josep Llorens, Daniel Ledesma (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.04)

Finite element analysis and design optioneering of an emergency tent structure

Salvatore Viscuso, Milan Dragoljevic, Carol Monticelli, Alessandra Zanelli (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.42)

Innovative Refugee Shelter Design with Pneumatic Sandwich Structure

Nuerxiati Atawula, Alessandra Zanelli, Carol Monticelli, Carlotta Mazzola (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.35)

Manta Bay, the pool in textile architecture.

Alessandro Rizzo, Roberto Canobbio, Francesco Benzi (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.39)

Biomimicry for regenerative built environments: mapping design strategies for producing ecosystem services

Maibritt Pedersen Zari,Katharina Hecht (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.54)

Structure and Space of Serendipity Brought by Materials for Art

Norihide Imagawa (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.28)

Softening the environments: Is there anything like an environmentally compatible membrane?

Katja Bernert (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.21)

Eco-design principles for a preliminary eco-efficiency assessment in the design phase: application on membrane envelopes

Carol Monticelli, Alessandra Zanelli (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.41)

Development and testing of a new glass fibre reinforced fluoropolymer membrane

Maxime Durka (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.27)

Increasing the safety of tensile structures

Heidrun Bögner-Balz, Jochen Köhnlein, Rainer Blum (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.03)

Reliability-based analysis of a cable-net structure designed using partial factors

Elien De Smedt, Marijke Mollaert, Maarten Van Craenenbroeck, Robby Caspeele, Lincy Pyl (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.18)

Strain-rate dependent tensile strengths of PTFE-fabrics by using the Strip Method

Kübra Talak (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.05)

Architectural woven fabrics: Is it possible to classify stiffness values in correlation with strength values?

Jörg Uhlemann, Natalie Stranghöner (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.06)

Uniaxial Strip and Grab Test Methods for Tensile Testing of Architectural Fabrics

Hastia Asadi, Jörg Uhlemann, Natalie Stranghöner (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.07)

Experimental assessment and interpretation of biaxial material parameter variation of a polyester-PVC fabric

Maarten Van Craenenbroeck, Lars De Laet, Elien De Smedt, Marijke Mollaert (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.16)

Soft Spaces: Hybrid systems from structural membranes and conventional building technologies

Günther H. Filz, Gerry D'Anza (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.25)

TemporActive Pavillion: first loop of design and prototyping of an ultra-lightweight temporary architecture

Carlotta Mazzola, Bernd Stimpfle, Alessandra Zanelli, Roberto Canobbio (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.40)

Achieving complex bending-active structures from flexible planar sheets. Hybrid structure introducing the use of spacer fabrics in architectural field

Elena Kriklenko (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.48)

Computational knitting in architecture: an experimental design process for a performative textile system

Ingrid Paoletti, Elena Clarke, Andrea Giglio (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.11)


Edoardo Marcandelli, Nicola Giulietti, Francesca Perego, Eleonora Teruzzi, Eleonora Valle (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.37)

A tensile screen for the windows of Castello Sforzesco: integrating anemometric, optical and mechanical tests in the early-stage design of bespoke textile hybrid structures in historical contexts

Alessandra Zanelli, Elpiza Kolo, Carol Monticelli, Elisabetta Rosina, Tiziana Poli, Alberto Speroni, Andrea Giovanni Mainini (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.34)

Textil Akademie Mönchengladbach, Job Report

Bernd Stimpfle, Jürgen Trenkle (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.10)

Tension-actuated textiles for architectural applications

Timothy Liddell, Isabella Flore, Massimo Fontana, Nina Romanova, Mahsa B. Zamani, Nataliia Antonenko, Haykaz Poghosyan (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.20)

Coating of ETFE – Solar Shading for Architectural Applications

Carl Maywald (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.43)

Optimization of a membrane structure design for existing project of children’s playground in the city of Krupina

Vojtech Chmelík, Jozef Kuran, Monika Rychtáriková (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.22)

Static assessment of selected transparent and translucent designs of roof over railway exposition

Eva Vojtekova, Matus Turis, Michal Vanek, Olga Ivankova (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.47)

Casa Corriere – RCS Media Group pavilion for Expo 2015

Paolo Beccarelli, Monica Armani, Roberto Maffei (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.24)

Textile architecture: “dressing the Aurelian walls”

Federica Ottone, Alessandra Zanelli, Dajla Riera (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.19)

Application of Atrium Tensile Structure in Historic Building. Case study: Daylight Modeling of Atrium within Historic Building

Beata Polomová, Peter Hanuliak, Andrea Vargová (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.26)

Exploring fog harvesting nature-based solution tensile membrane structures towards sustainable development in the Italian urban context

Gabriela Fernandez, Gloria Morichi, Lucas B. Calixto (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.36)

A lightweight textile device for urban microclimate control and thermal comfort improvement: concept project and design parameters

Anna Cantini, Adriana Angelotti, Alessandra Zanelli (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.38)

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) applications with ETFE-Films

Karsten Moritz (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.29)

Extreme Soft Skins: Multilayered ETFE for Challenging Environments.

Nebojsa Jakica, Alessandra Zanelli (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.51)

Thermal performance of pneumatic cushions: an experimental evaluation

Andrea Alongi, Adriana Angelotti, Alessandro Rizzo, Alessandra Zanelli (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.02)

Assessment of building Physical Aspects of a New Angular Selective 3D – Prototype Foil (ETFE)

Jan Cremers, Hannes Marx (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.01)

Impact of Technical Textile Envelopes on the Perception of Indoor Comfort in Minor Sports Facilities

Aldina Silvestri, Teresa Villani (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.31)

Audiovisual comfort in shopping streets covered by structural skins

Monika Rychtáriková, Richard Šimek, Paulína Šujanová, Jarmila Húsenicová, Vojtech Chmelík (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.30)

Energy performance of film membranes in the retrofitting of Architectural Heritage: An Italian case study

Mariangela De Vita, Raffaella D’Antonio, Paolo Beccarelli, Pierluigi De Berardinis (DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.23)