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  • Public Tender _ New tensile membrane roof for the main square, municipality of Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) _ deadline 15/09/2023
    The municipality of Cinisello Balsamo has recently published a public tender for the construction of the novel main square of the town. The project, supervised by Politecnico di Milano, Department of “Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering” (DABC), focuses on a new tensile membrane roof for hosting cultural and musical events of our municipality.
  • Prospect for European Guidance for the Structural design of Tensile Membrane Structures
    Tensioned Membrane Structures have unique properties compared to the more conventional built environment. Besides their low self-weight and high flexibility these structures are known to be 'optimally' constructed, as they are only loaded in tension. It results in shapes adapted to the flow of forces and a minimum of material needed to realise the span. Despite a considerable amount of scientific knowledge exists, only few design codes are available. A common standardised approach as well as a comprehensive European design standard is needed in order to provide verification techniques, a common pool of design approaches and to achieve a harmonized safety level. Within CEN/TC 250/WG 5, CEN/TC 248/WG 4, the TensiNet Association and COST Action TU1303, an international team of researchers, engineers, architects, material producers and manufacturers has been working on this report. The final aim is to develop a Eurocode for the Structural Design of Tensile Membrane Structures, which will help to design and implement these lightweight structures. The report consists of three major parts: 1) general explanations giving scientific and technical background for the design of membrane structures, 2) state-of-the-art overview on existing national and European rules and recommendations on the design of membrane structures, and 3) proposals for European harmonized design rules, which could be part of the future Eurocode for Tensile Membrane Structures. Authors: STRANGHÖNER N.; UHLEMANN Jörg; BILGINOGLU Faruk; BLETZINGER Kai-Uwe; BÖGNER-BALZ Heidrun; CORNE Evi; GIBSON Nick; GOSLING Peter; HOUTMAN Rogier; LLORENS Josep; MALINOWSKY Marc; MARION Jean-Marc; MOLLAERT Marijke; NIEGER Meike; NOVATI Giorgio; SAHNOUNE Farid; SIEMENS Peter; STIMPFLE Bernd; TANEV Vatyu; THOMAS Jean-Christophe; RAPOSO DE M. DO N. E S. DE SOTTO MAYOR Maria Luisa Editors: DIMOVA Silvia; MOLLAERT Marijke; PINTO VIEIRA Artur; DENTON Steve
  • European Training Network ActaReBuild - call to candidate
    The European Training Network ActaReBuild – Acoustic and Thermal Retrofit of Buildings, offers 10 funded doctoral positions with starting date during the academic year 2022/23. ActaReBuild provides research and training in retrofit of office building stock in Europe by means a new generation of sustainable materials and building components. Doctoral candidates will learn how to improve and guarantee acoustic and thermal performance of buildings that undergo renovation processes while minimizing embodied carbon production. The training offered to 10 Doctoral Candidates interconnected through the network will enforce their research and transferable skills necessary for thriving careers in this burgeoning area. This goal will be achieved by a unique, interdisciplinary combination of specialized “hands-on” research training supported by high-quality joint PhD degree supervision; by performing of secondments at industrial partners; participation at courses and workshops on scientific and complementary “soft” skills facilitated by the academic and non-academic partners of the consortium. Thanks to network-wide interactions, DCs will get acquainted with a variety of novel building materials and solutions (bio-, nano-, meta-, recycled, 3D printed materials and multilayer structural skins), measurement techniques and assessment methods (such as life cycle analysis and sustainability assessment, psychoacoustic methods, specialized thermal behaviour experiments and a variety of simulation techniques in acoustics, energy, hygrothermal behaviour). We are looking for researchers willing to combine research and professional training, and willing to travel. Candidates must have a master’s degree in a relevant field of study. ActaReBuild network language is English. Are you interested?please send an email to: and we will let you know once the vacancies are opened. The recruitment platform will soon be operational! More information on Project Partners and PHD topics: see
  • TensiNet symposium 2023
    Symposium TENSINANTES 2023 We are pleased to announce you the upcoming 7th International TensiNet Symposium "Membrane architecture: the seventh established building material. Designing reliable and sustainable structures for the urban environment" which will take place at Nantes Université (France) in face-to-face! from Wednesday 7th till Friday 9th June 2023.
  • TensiNet symposium 2023 - call for abstract -new deadline 15.07.2022
    Call for abstracts TensiNet Symposium 2023 Abstract submission – 15th July 2022 Abstract acceptance – 15th  September 2022 Paper submission – 1st December  2022 Paper acceptance or feedback – 1st February 2023 Revised paper submission – 1st March 2023  For more information see link Scientific CommitteeThe following members have confirmed their commitment to review abstracts and papers: Prof Adriana Angelotti (Politecnico di Milano), Ass Prof Paolo Beccarelli (University of Nottingham), Dipl Ing Arch Katja Bernert (Low and Bonar), Dr Alexis Bloch (Méca), Prof Heidrun Bögner-Balz(Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart), Dr Rabah Bouzidi (Université de Nantes), Roberto Canobbio (Canobbio Textile Engineering), Prof John Chilton (University of Nottingham), Prof Jan Cremers (H,ochschule für Technik Stuttgart), Prof Lars De Laet (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Dr Olivier Flamand (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), Prof Gunther Filz(Aalto University), Dr Laurent Gornet (École Centrale de Nantes), Prof Peter Gosling (NewcastleUniversity, School of Engineering), Prof Josep Llorens (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Prof Marijke Mollaert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Prof Arch Carol Monticelli (Politecnico di Milano), Prof Nicolas Pauli(Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Montpellier), Ass Prof Arno Pronk (Eindhoven University of Technology), Dr Monica Rychtáriková (KU Leuven, Belgium / STU Bratislava), Prof Franck Schoefs (Université de Nantes), DiplIng Bernd Stimpfle (formTL), Prof Natalie Stranghöner (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Ass Prof Martin Tamke (Royal Danish Academy), Prof Patrick Teuffel (Teuffel Engineering Consultants), Dr Jean-Christophe Thomas (Université de Nantes), Dr Ing Jörg Uhlemann, (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Adjunct Prof Salvatore Viscuso (Politecnico di Milano) and Prof Alessandra Zanelli (Politecnico di Milano).
  • AZ Awards – now open for submissions
    The 11th edition of AZURE Magazine’s international architecture and design competition – the AZ Awards – is now open for submissions! The AZ Awards celebrates the world’s best projects, products and ideas.Select your most innovative and inspiring work in as many categories as applicable and submit to receive the exposure and acknowledgement that your exceptional work deserves. Click here for more information about the AZ Awards.   Early Bird Deadline: January 31, 2021 Final Submission Deadline: February 25, 2021
  • Draft PFAS response
    TensiNet draft response to the PFAS Restriction Proposal (internal deadline 23/9/23)