TensiNet Working Group "Specifications"
The national or European standards specify which loads have to be applied and how they have to be applied for roofings.

In the day to day engineering practice specialist engineers working in the field of tensile fabric structures have to adapt these codes and standards to tensile fabric structures. Specific material related subjects are not determined in existing standards and this often leads to uncertainty on engineers, fabricators and clients sides. With the formfinding and analysis software we are good equipped to calculate these structures. However, the step from the numerical model to a realised structure is undetermined as some of the presumptions of the analysis may be.

The working group will create a practical paper with not more than 10 or 15 pages which can be used by architects and clients as part of a specification for tensile fabric structures. The paper should be available to architects and clients free of charge and should encourage them to contact professionals who could fulfil the requirements specified herein.
As a basis for discussion, it was proposed to use Marc Malinowski’s English translation of the French document “recommendations pour la conception des ouvrages permanents de couverture textile”

Klaus Gipperich from Ceno-Tec is the
chairman for this working group.


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