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Podcasts by Serge Ferrari Group + TensiNet

In these podcasts, you'll discover the benefits of tensile architecture, and in particular how tensile structures help to reduce the carbon footprint of construction. Our experts, world-renowned for their expertise in this field, share their thoughts on this fascinating subject. The 4 podcasts were recorded during the symposium TENSINANTES2023 at Nantes Université on Thursday 8th June 2023.


Carbon Footprint: How lightness could be an advantage in the construction sector compared to other traditional material? Link
Speakers: Bruce Danziger & Zehra Eryuruk
Next Generation building through Tensile Architecture. Link
Speaker: Nitin Govila
Sustainability and comfort: How does membrane architecture fits today’s challenges in the built environment? Link
Speakers: Ramon Sastre & Carol Monticelli
Tensioned membrane structures:  The seventh building material for great construction. Link
Speakers: Bernd Stimpfle & Peter Gosling