• TensiNet & Friends meeting at ABS 2022
    Also for this edition the TensiNet Association was well represented at Advanced Building Skins with a session on Architectural Membranes for High-performance Building Skins and different presentations on membranes in the session Life Safety and Fire Prevention in Façades and in the session Building a Sustainable World.
  • TensiNet & Friends meeting at ABS 2021
    The TensiNet Association was presented at Advanced Building Skins 2021 with the sessions Skins from fabrics and foils and Building Membrane Cladding Systems, the TensiNet booth and the Tensinet & Friends meeting.
  • TensiNet presentations at ABS 2021
    Two TensiNet sessions on Membrane Architecture were held chaired by Carol Monticelli and Carl Maywald: Skins from Fabrics and Foils Building Membrane Cladding Systems