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General information

  • Location address
    Sora – Frosinone
  • Location country
  • Name of the client/building owner
  • Function of building
    Vehicle services
  • Degree of enclosure
    Open structure
  • Climatic zone
    Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
  • Number of layers
  • Primary function of the tensile structure
    • Rain protection
    • Sun protection


The request of the investor was to cover gasoline pumps using a structure having an appearance of lightness and having at the same time qualities of resistance to wind and snow load.
The structure has been calculated according to the following standards: a) NTC08 -“Technical standards for Buildings – Decreelaw from the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports –14.01.2008”; b) UNI EN13782: 2006 European Standard “Temporary structures - Tentssafety”; c) Circular letter dated 02.02.2009 n.617 from the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports approved by the Higher Council of Public Works “Instructions for the application of the New technical standards for buildings”.
The same value for kg and daN is assumed. Accidental loads taken into consideration were the following: snow: qs=81kg/m²; wind: qw=75kg/m²
The bearing frame consisting of acentral frame and cantilevers made of hot dipped galvanised carpentry, duly painted according to the colour chosen by the customer.
Due to the shape and the involved loads, the covering membrane was manufactured using a fabric with a Polyester reinforcement 2200dtex and double PVC–PVDF coating type 5, with a tensile strength of
9000 to 10000N/5cm – tearing strength of 1700N – weight per m² 1450 gr/m². Furthermore, the outer face has a special surface finishing named “TITAN”. It is a fluoridised resin to which a special degree of titanium dioxide is added. Both are conveyed in an acrylic resin. The known characteristics of fluoridised polymers (PVDF) in terms ofresistance to ageing and to UV rays have been further improved.
The shape of the membrane has a double negative curvature, which is stabilized by pre-stressing. In the central part of the structure there is a rain-pipe conveying the water into the pillars, also acting as waterspout. The membrane is blocked at the central gutter and stretched towards the endpoints of the 10 cantilevers by means of metal plates fixed to the membrane itself and Diwit bar.

Description of the environmental conditions

Material of the cover

  • Cable-net/Fabric/Hybrid/Foil
  • Material Fabric/Foil
    Naizil extra cover type V
  • Material coating

Main dimensions and form

  • Covered surface (m2)
  • Form entire structure

Duration of use

  • Temporary or permanent structure

Involved companies