• Textile Roofs 2019

    20 - 22 May 2019

    The well-established series of Textile Roofs is back home.

    Between 20th and 22nd of May 2019, the 24th edition of the “International Workshop on the Design and Practical Realization of Architectural Membrane Structures” will take place. After our event in Moscow in 2018 we look forward to welcome again a variety of interesting participants from the fields of architecture, engineering, manufacturing, materials and more in order to get re-united at the old site in Berlin, GERMANY, on the subjects of membrane construction.

    The format of Textile Roofs is unique. In addition to a large number of high-quality specialist lectures, which are held under the scientific supervision of Prof. Rosemarie Wagner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), the outstanding experts from all over the world will share with you their knowledge and the insight view on both: general market opportunities and the best approaches to build with textiles, based on specific projects.

    There are a number of workshop activities in which you can work hands-on and talk to the respective experts. A computational modelling workshop on design, statical analysis and pattern generation for surface structures (offered by technet GmbH), an insight into the art of physical modelling of surface structures (offered by University Lecturer Jürgen Hennicke, a former assistant and scientist with the famous architect Frei Otto) and the possibility to build a real structure together with the other participants in the garden of the venue (offered by 3dtex GmbH, Berlin) are just a few of the program items that can make a visit to TR19 be interesting and useful for you.

    A special guest lecture given by Mr. Nicholas Goldsmith (FTL Design Engineering Studio, New York) and an exciting evening dinner at the Spree riverside after a sightseeing tour boat trip will complete the program.



  • TensiNet Symposium 2019 “Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovations in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures”

    3 - 5 June 2019

    The 6th International TensiNet Symposium “Softening the Habitats: Sustainable Innovations in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures” will take place from the 3th to the 5th of June 2019 at Politecnico di Milano, in Milan, Italy.

    The 2019 TensiNet Symposium (TS19) is organized and hosted by the TensiNet Association and in particular by Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and Textile Hub, which is an interdepartmental research laboratory on textiles and polymers at PoliMi.

    The 2019 TensiNet edition will open a twofold reflection - by means of both the conference (TS19Conf) and exhibition (TS19Exhib)- on current innovations, trends and strategies in the field of lightweight membrane structures and mainly on the future of those technologies, which the TensiNet Association is interested in: tensile and pneumatic structures, textile architecture, membranes and foils, ultra-lightweight constructions and structural skins.

    The main topic are Soft Structures, Softening the Environment & Soft Skins.


  • TensiNet WG5 eurocode - meeting

    4 June 2019


  • ICSA2019 - The 4th International Conference on Structures and Architecture

    24 - 26 July 2019

    The aim of ICSA2019 is to present research and developments on the merging of architecture and structural engineering and is intended for an audience of researchers and practitioners world-wide with a background in architecture and in structural engineering.

    This is the world's leading and largest global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture. The contributions on creative and scientific aspects in the conception and construction of structures, on advanced technologies and on complex architectural and structural applications represent a fine blend of scientific, technical and practical novelties in both fields.

    The conference will facilitate the meeting of international participants interested in the recent advances in the art, practice and theory of designing and building infrastructures in which the structural and architectonic values are consciously combined and the contribution of each other is mutually enhanced.

    It includes architects, structural and construction engineers, builders and building consultants, construction industry persons, academics, researchers, students, product manufacturers, material suppliers, project managers and contract administrators, asset managers, government authorities of infrastructure development and others.



  • TensiNet WG5 eurocode - meeting

    26 September 2019


  • Form and Force 2019 - Joint International conference IASS Symposium 2019 & Structural Membranes 2019

    7 - 10 October 2019

    FORM and FORCE 2019 incorporates the IASS 60th Anniversary Symposium (IASS SYMPOSIUM 2019) and the 9th Int. Conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures (STRUCTURAL MEMBRANES 2019)

    Theme and Topics: The theme of the 2019 Symposium will be Form and force. In this symposium we aim to connect academia, companies by organizing an exposition during the symposium. Academics and companies are invited to design, build and expose innovative structures. The challenge that the organizers set is to present step-changing new concepts that will lead to a better, innovative world and a better build environment. Special attention will be given to design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of shell and spatial structures as well as the potential impact that digital technology and BIM can have and has on the built environment and how we can improve our built environment with this technology.

    Previous Conferences: The IASS symposia has rotated around the world since the 1960s. Previous conference venues have been Brazil (2013), Seoul (2012), London (2011), Shanghai (2010), Hamburg2017 and Boston (2018). The structural membranes symposia were located in Barcelona, Stuttgart and Munich.

    Visitors Profile: Visitors come from all over the world from a variety of sectors: Art, Architecture, Engineering (Civil and Structural) and Construction. We have attendees from companies, government and academia. Our regular conference visitors include executive level management from large architecture, engineering and construction firms involved in key projects all over the world: stadia, tall and large buildings, bridges, infrastructure and other large projects. We pay special attention to a maximum synergy between companies and academics with a special focus to developers, building installations advisors and contractors, building owners, etc.

    Exposition and Design Contest: Before and during the symposium an exposition will be on display which will include the best entries of an international design contest. This exposition will feature objects from the domain of membrane, shell and spatial structures. The contest is open for everybody. This contest is organized by WG21 in close cooperation with the symposium organizers. More information can be found on the website of WG21: http://www.manufacturingmaterials.org


  • Nonwovens Innovation Academy 2019

    16 - 17 October 2019

    The Nonwovens Innovation Academy (NIA), hosted by the Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF), brings together an interdisciplinary mix of academics, students, scientists, engineers and industry experts, to encourage the development of technical understanding and research to support innovation and growth in the nonwovens and related industries.


  • International Conference on Advanced Building Skins

    28 - 29 October 2019