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Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples | Membrane | Malta


General information
Location country Malta
Name of the client/building owner Heritage Malta
Function of building Historical buildings & monuments
Type of application of the membrane covering
Primary function of the tensile structure Rain protection
Sun protection
Degree of enclosure Open structure
Climatic zone Mediterranean - mild winters, dry hot summers
Number of layers mono-layer
Short description of the project The philosophy behind the installation of protective shelters at Hagar Qim & Mnajdra is to immediately and significantly retard the main external causes of deterioration. This kind of shelter is low risk, speed and reversible.
Description of the environmental conditions The environmental objectives were to protect the megalithic monuments from deterioration due to pollution, sun, rain and so on.
Misc. project details
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Permanent
Convertible or mobile Convertible
Design lifespan in years 31-..
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Fabric
Type (code) sheerfil I and sheerfil II
Material Fabric/Foil Glass fabric coated PTFE
Main dimensions and form
Covered surface (m2) 4500
Total length (m) 70
Total width (m) 70
Maximum height (m) 10
Maximum free span (m) 70
Involved companies
Architects Arch. Walter Hunziker
Engineers form TL ingenieure für tragwerk und leichtbau gmbh
Contractors Canobbio S.p.A
Suppliers Canobbio
Editor Stefania Lombardi
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