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The Volkswagen Arena | 2002 | Hybrid | Germany


General information
Location address Wolfsburg Allerpark
Location country Germany
Year of construction 2002
Name of the client/building owner Wolfsburg AG
Function of building Stadia
Type of application of the membrane covering
Primary function of the tensile structure Rain protection
Degree of enclosure Open structure
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Number of layers mono-layer
Short description of the project It was opened in December 2002: the new VOLKSWAGEN ARENA in the Wolfsburg Allerpark with a futuristic style membrane structure adapted to the "Car City".
Since that date, 30,000 fans of the German Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg can experience sports events unspoilt by bad weather. While textile roofing manufactured by CENO TEC already protected the grandstands in the old VfL stadium, all grandstands in the new Volkswagen Arena are roofed with a translucent membrane structure made of highly tensile Type III (tensile strength warp/weft- 560/560 daN/5 cm) polyester fabric. To ensure that this architectural construction will keep its aesthetic attractiveness for many years, the top side of the coated material has been given a final PVDF coating with a self-cleaning effect. 32 radial trusses arranged at intervals of up to 14 metres with an individual length of up to 40 metres form the supporting system mounted at a height of 33 metres. The individual membrane fields with dimensions of up to 14 x 36 metres are mounted between these radial trusses and stabilised against snow and wind. 20,000 m² of membrane material were required to roof the surface of just under 15,000 m2.

An extremely high-tensile material with a strength of approx. 112 thousand Newtons per metre was used. Due its own low weight of just 1 kg/square metre - with a thickness of just 0.8 mm - surfaces of several thousand m2 can be roofed effortlessly without supports on the basis of its high-tensile strength. Hence, also the view to the
Misc. project details
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Permanent
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Fabric
Type (code) III
Material Fabric/Foil Polyester
Material coating PVDF
Main dimensions and form
Covered surface (m2) 15000
Total width (m) 36
Maximum height (m) 33
Maximum free span (m) 14
Form of a single element Flat appearance
Form of entire structure Synclastic
Involved companies
Architects Büro Hpp
Contractors Köster AG & Co.
Suppliers Ceno Tec
Order TensiNet Publications


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