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Mobile and convertible booth for election campaign | Pneu | Germany


General information
Location country Germany
Type of application of the membrane covering
Primary function of the tensile structure Space defining elements
Degree of enclosure Open structure
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Number of layers mono-layer
Short description of the project For an election campaign an innovative, expressive and mobile booth was needed for a party as an alternative for the normally used umbrellas and tables. The pneumatic booth fulfils all the requirements: it is mobile and light, expressive and convertible. On the top of an alumin-ium mast with an integrated round table the membrane is connected over a kind of hub. At the top of this hub the ventilator is located. Inside the mast are the electrical cables and the rain-water drainage. The foot of the booth is a standard footing for market umbrellas. The whole booth can be demounted within 5 minutes into manageable pieces, transportable in a small car or by hand.
This inflating pneumatic ?bubble? is an eye-catcher and an attraction. In less than 2 minutes the pneumatic structure is totally inflated by a solar powered ventilator. The ventilator is regu-lated by a two-step switch, which reduced the air volume after the bubble is totally inflated. The high translucency of the membrane material allows the pneumatic balloon to glow under the influence of bright sunlight. For use during the night appropriate lighting can be installed inside.
Misc. project details
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Temporary
Convertible or mobile Convertible and mobile
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Fabric
Material Fabric/Foil PES
Material coating PU
Main dimensions and form
Covered surface (m2) 4.2
Total length (m) 2.3
Total width (m) 2.3
Minimum height (m) 2.6
Maximum height (m) 2.6
Form of a single element Synclastic
Involved companies
Architects Peter Pätzold
Contact persons Peter Pätzold
Editor Marijke Mollaert
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