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The Eden Project | 2001 | Pneu | United Kingdom

General information
Location country United Kingdom
Year of construction 2001
Function of building Entertainment & recreation
Primary function of the tensile structure Daylight gains
Space defining elements
Degree of enclosure Fully enclosed structure
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Short description of the project The Eden Project in Cornwall is the largest botanical garden of this kind up to now: it provides a habitat for trees and plants from three different climatic zones.
The domes, with a miximum span of 124m, are located in a disused quarry. The geodesic domes are lightweight, prefabricated and delivered on site as small components.
The dome construction consists of two layers: the outer skin is based on a hexagonal layer, the inner on a triangular and hexagonal grid. Both layers are interconnected by steel compression elements in a pyramidal configuration.
The covering consists of ETFE cushions.
Misc. project details
General comments, links
References DETAIL 2001/5
DETAIL 2000/6
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Permanent
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Foil
Type (code) V
Material Fabric/Foil ETFE-foil
Main dimensions and form
Form of a single element Synclastic
Form of entire structure Synclastic
Involved companies
Architects Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners Ltd
Engineers Antony Hunt Associates
Editor Marijke Mollaert
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