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Munich Airport Centre | 1999 | Membrane | Germany


General information
Location address Munich
Location country Germany
Year of construction 1999
Name of the client/building owner FLughafen Munchen
Function of building Office buildings & congress centres
Primary function of the tensile structure Rain protection
Sun protection
Wind protection
Degree of enclosure Open structure
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Short description of the project Commercial building over the airport train station & a new 19000m2 lightweight vaulted roof over a covered plaza featuring a passively controlled environment.
Description of the environmental conditions The plaza is covered to keep out rain, snow & wind but is essentially open to the air.
Misc. project details
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Permanent
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Fabric
Material Fabric/Foil Glass
Material coating PTFE
Main dimensions and form
Covered surface (m2) 19000
Total length (m) 90
Total width (m) 25
Form of entire structure Anticlastic
Involved companies
Architects Murphy / Jahn
Engineers Arup
Contractors Koit High-Tex GmbH
Order TensiNet Publications


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