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Factory in Lessay | 1991 | Membrane | France

General information
Location country France
Year of construction 1991
Name of the client/building owner Societe Formula Project
Function of building Industrial buildings
Degree of enclosure Fully enclosed structure
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Short description of the project The new factory in Lessay accomodates an assembly line for racing cars as well as administrative and exhibition areas. The building has a steel skeleton frame with alternating axes at 5 and 10m centers. A membrane roof construction suspended from steel columns allows daylight to illuminate the central zone, extending over the whole length of the building. The membrane is braced in radial form at the 'crests' where it is held by steel caps. It is fixed to a longitudinal tubular space frame and to a lateral tubular element set within a U-section sheet steel arch. The PVC-coated polyester membrane is impregnated an the upper face.

[Detail 1994/6]
Misc. project details
References Productions- und Burogebaude in Lessay - Stahlbau Im Detail
Factory in Lessay - DETAIL 1994/6
Duration of use
Material of the cover
Main dimensions and form
Involved companies
Editor Marijke Mollaert
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