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Expo 2000 (Hannover): Parasols | Membrane | Germany


General information
Location address Hannover
Location country Germany
Function of building Public spaces
Climatic zone Temperate - cold winters and mild summers
Short description of the project Erected with different coloured coveringsalong the main routes of the Expo site and in front of the German Pavilion, the canopies create a sense of continuity and identity. The simple construction consists of four double-curved cotton-fabric membranes spanned between steel sections and tensioned after assembly by the main beams. Tension and compression rods stabilize the structure against wind suction and pressure. The main beams also function as gutters that channel rainwater into drainpipes in the central columns. The canopies are 7,5 x 7,5 m on plan and can be linked to form a continous covering. Polycarbonate sheets over the joints prevent the penetration of rainwater. The canopies are demountable and can be reused.

[Detail 6/2000, Membrane Construction, p 996]
Misc. project details
References Canopies at the EXPO in Hannover -
Umbrella Canopies - Architektur Architecture
Duration of use
Temporary or permanent structure Permanent
Convertible or mobile Convertible
Design lifespan in years 00-05
Material of the cover
Cable-net/Textile/Hybrid/Foil Cable
Main dimensions and form
Covered surface (m2) 56.25
Total length (m) 7.5
Total width (m) 7.5
Involved companies
Architects Schulitz and Partner
Engineers SI Consult
Editor Marijke Mollaert
Order TensiNet Publications


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