CALL for Participants for TensiNet Working Group on Pneumatic Structures

Pneumatic Structures are increasingly being considered for a variety of applications in the built environment, from stadium roofs to bridges, and from permanent structures to deployable enclosures. The design, analysis and specification of these structures is often treated differently by different consultants in different countries, with occasional reliance upon qualitative and empirical experience, or applications from other industries.


TensiNet is launching a working group on Pneumatic Structures to consolidate the current best practise in this specialist field. It is envisaged that this working group will focus on analysis techniques, design processes, applicable standards and technical references, materiality options, and construction practicalities. Reference will be made to the existing working groups on ETFE and Analysis & Materials without duplicating their findings, of course.


The aims, scope and membership of the working group will be discussed at the start-up meeting to follow after the Annual General Meeting of TensiNet in Barcelona on 4th October 2011. Any interested parties who would like to participate should contact the leader of the working group, Matthew Birchall, at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




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